The Return of Superman: Hollywood Version

Alert: It does not actually exist, it is just in my imagination.

Yep, still I’m obsessed with the reality show ‘The Return of Superman’ because those kids, especially the triplets, are getting more and more adorable every time! The Triplets, The Twins, Sarang, Jion, and now The Five Kids!

Since my encounter with ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’ I have been infatuated with Armie Hammer (And my friends have, too!). Armie is now a father of a cute little Harper, and if I’m not mistaken she’s 10-months-old by this time. When I surfed the internet the other day, I came to an image of Armie carrying his baby daughter, Harper, and my thought went directly to The Return of Superman. I wonder, what if there is a Hollywood version of that show and Armie Hammer is in it!!! (It has to be triple exclamation mark, it has to be!) I cannot imagine how I and my friends would react when we watch it. It’s going to be super chaos with “ooh”-s and “aah”-s and even occasional “kyaaa”-s. My word… I just can’t imagine…

Anyway, here are the celebrity list that come to my mind regarding the imaginary reality show.

1. Of course! Armie Hammer and daughter, Harper.

Armie is holding Harper while reading script. I think it’s from intouch magazine. For a moment, I wanted to be Harper.

no word could 'caption' this
no word could ‘caption’ this

2. Chris Hemsworth and daughter, India Rose and her twin little brothers Tristan and Sasha

Thor and baby Thor. Chris described his travel from Australia to London with his wife and three kids was such “a trip from hell.” Can’t imagine 30 hours of flight with three babies. when one whines, the other must have whine, too. And that has to be anticipated fro 30 hours! Lol. No wonder you’re Thor.

Chris Hemsworth-India Rose
Chris Hemsworth with India Rose. Where are the twins?

3. David Beckham and daughter Harper and her three gorgeous big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Yeey.. shopping with daddy! They also hangout in fashion week. How adorable… I wonder how David Beckham hangout and play with the boys and Harper.

David Beckham and Harper Beckham
David Beckham and Harper Beckham

4. Ashton Kutcher and daughter, Wyatt.

Hello little Wyatt. Ashton told Ellen DeGeneres that he and Mila Kunis, his wife, take care of their daughter without the help of nanny.

Ashton Kutcher-Wyatt
Ashton Kutcher and Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher

I really would love to see these icon play ‘dad’. I must be very hysterical. Lol. What do you think?


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