Happy World Habitat Day 2015

WHD 2015

Recently I have been working in National Secretariat of Habitat in Indonesia. This body is actually under governmental body, which is the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Well, even though I am not working as a PNS (government official) rather as an Independent Consultant, I have never imagined that I would work in governmental office.

So far I have been enjoying what I am doing, despite of some common image of governmental working environment. What I am working on is slightly related to what I studied on my master degree, but it somehow related. You don’t get me do you? Lol.

What I am working on is about habitat, human habitat and the other habitat that is affected by it. Because our live is a complex chain of webbing relationships and such, as we know it from when we’re at school, it is important to keep our settlement harmonious with nature. See, ”settlement”, I am starting to use urban planning terms.

Since I worked here, I get to know such things as World Habitat Day. Today (October 5) is happened to be the World Habitat Day 2015. Why? Because the United Nations has designated every first Monday of October of every year to be the World Habitat Day. This year, it happened to be on October 5 (which coincides with Armed Forces Day in Indonesia). Each year has different theme, the themes are selected regarding the current issue relating to housing and settlement around the world. This year’s theme, “Public Spaces for All”, is chosen to emphasize the need for adequate Public Space in towns and cities to support human’s well-beings and welfare, not to mention human health and local economy.

As a citizen, which also a part of the city, we have to pay attention to these things. What can we do to support the preservation of public spaces in our cities and how to help public space delivers its function to the people around it. UN-Habitat always reminds us that we all have the power and responsibility to shape the future of our towns and cities.

So, what have we done to make our city better city?

Anyway, Happy World Habitat Day!


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