So Screwed

AB13163_10-1680x1050 little mermaid

I was loud
              and true.
Sang my heart out,
Screamed my lungs out,
              wasn’t an issue
              careless, not a clue
              happily, out of tune
That was before I met you; the witch.
Who took my voice;
              which I heavily gave up,
              despite all the noise,
              of the don’ts and the nos.
For this prince; to win his heart.
              That I long for; so very bad.
But you’re this prince, too!
What can I do?
I’m so screwed.

I love to sing, loudly, carelessly. Even if it’s out of tune I don’t care. But when this particular boy was present around me, my throat would closed down and I got squeaky and stuff. It made me feel so screwed.

Happily screwed.


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