Lipstick : A girl’s toy

My new favorite toy: lipstick!

When I was a little girl I always liked to try out my mom’s cosmetics, especially lipstick (apparently because it was the easiest to understand and to apply), and created messy smears all over my lips. As I grew up to a high school teenager, I began to try wearing cosmetic publicly. I started off with neutral apparel like face powder and colorless lip-gloss, just like any other teenage girl did. But then I realized, rather than boost my confidence, wearing makeup make me feel uncomfortable. Let alone adding colors to my face, having just a soft pink shimmer of lip gloss made me feel like a clown.

And then I went to University and took Electrical Engineering. There weren’t so many girl students wearing makeup (or cared about wearing it). You know, the typical engineering students are…. very practical. I remember how my mother encouraged me to wear basic make up and stuff and I was like “Oh my God, are you trying to make me look like a walking parade?”

When I came to my last semesters, I started to want to explore about my femininity. I restarted to wear something on my face and actually felt okay with it. I tried putting on face powder and the lip-gloss that my mom bought me which I initially hated (I found out that it was very expensive and I wonder whether I could afford it myself).

Now, after I graduated and started working as an employee in some local company, my girlfriends from work taught me more about make-ups.  I learn to apply some cosmetics in other area on my face, like my eyes and cheeks. Eye make-ups are the most difficult make-up to apply, especially the liner. I’m having hard times working on it, but when I get it right it actually looks good.

So far, my favorite make-up item is lipstick! And in my not-so-many lip apparel my favorite is Make Up Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N15.It’s pink and it goes well with my skin color. Love it. But my daily use lip apparel is the Lovely Milky Tint from The Faceshop, it is fresh and long-lasting, I love it, too.  And now I am craving for orange-peach shades. I have never imagined how lipstick can be so fun. To all my girlfriends who has always been avoiding make-ups like I had, you better try once, really… :D


5 thoughts on “Lipstick : A girl’s toy

  1. TROLOL!!! cieee fany feminin.. khe khe khe… good to you then :3

    kalo gue paling ga tahan ngeliat eye liner… XD

  2. fanny….. ini iwawa.. hehehe… yang merah menyala kayak semalem warna apaan fan? bagus juga fan itu di elo.. :)

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