Foolish and Naive

I haven’t been writing a blog since ages. I really really miss writing, but on the other hand I am very very much lazy myself. I feel like I have been losing my writing ability bit by bit. I thought I was running out of topics but then I realize that I actually have got plenty of them. I was just to lazy to expand them into writings.

I reread my old blog posts here and I think it’s funny to imagine being myself again a few years ago. I wonder where has she been and how could I bring her back? I feel like the younger me was super foolish and naive. She thought that she knew everything, could do everything, and could be anything she wanted. Her head was up in the clouds. But she was fun and I bet now she’s dull.

Maybe this is how it feels like growing up. I don’t have time to dream, to create my own life scenario where everything can happen. I think I have grown into someone whom my younger self wouldn’t have dreamed to be. Sorry for that.

Oh the old times. Just the old times.


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