Happy Birthday, Mom

I wrote this on a day before my mother’s birthday.

Happy 43rd birthday, Mom. Wow, what a number. What an age! Hihi… And what a date! Your birthday is in the middle of the chaotic end of semester, which means final exams a.k.a UAS…

How time flies. It’s seems like yesterday, when we celebrated your 32nd birthday, in the times of May tragedy. And now, 11 years apart from that. Wow.

It’s been almost 20 years since I first saw you, Mother. When I breathed my first breath in this earth. But, maybe around 17 years since I really realize your existence (I guess my first memory was when I was 3 years old). It’s not a short time, right?We’ve been through a lot. We got along in happiness but sometimes we just didn’t understand each other. So many things, Mom. 

But, after so many years, I barely know you. I don’t know what is your favorite color, your favorite things, I don’t even know what your real hobby is. Hihi… What a lousy daughter I am. But, I know that we have so little in common, you eat so little, you have a very bad taste for shoes, and you really good at direction, the thing that I’m very terrible at. And one thing that I know the most is that you love me, you love us. You work a lot, for us. To give us a much better living. To make sure that we, all your children, are educated and safe. You put us before you. There will never be enough thanks for you. 

I never say this to you, Mother. But, I’m sure you that you know.

I love you, Mother. — Aku sayang Ibu sekaliiiii…. muach! :*


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. selamat ulang tahun, mamanya fanny…
    semoga dilimpahkan kesabaran berlebih dalam menghadapi Fanny..
    Jgn lupa traktir ya, tanteeee :))

    @ agi
    kok sayang mama fanny? jgn2 …

  2. @ mole: udah, le… udah baca beliau… kayaknya… (setidaknya udah gw suruh)

    @ bintang: tengkyu

    @ agi: ih… curhat di komen blog orang. ckckck…

    @ iblis cisitu lama: ?? (bingun mau komen apa? sipicles gw)

  3. Tambahan untuk comment-nya si Kiki:
    dan lebih2 tambah2 sabar menghadapi pacar Fanny, Kiki Rizki…
    koq iblis cisitu lama sih?
    bukan iblis cisitu indah
    *eh, ki lo ngekost di cisitu apa sih?*
    ato iblis sadang serang aja >:)

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