I wanna be a writer

I wanna be a writer! 

Yea, that’s what I’m going to post this time. I always want to write since I was a little kid. I wrote in a notebook *literally a book, not the electronic one*. I wrote about everything that I could think of. Mostly, about houses, and a family who live in it *fiction*. 

For me, writing is not just to write something. What you write has to sound like you. It’s about to actualized yourself. For the other reason, I just like the structure of phrases, the combination of words, the rhyme, and how it sounds. But mostly, I like rhyme the most. That’s the beautiful part. What you are trying to say will be more acceptable when you ‘say’ it with a little touch of art. 

I saw my friend’s blog, then I was impressed by the content. She’s so poetic. Her words are sweet and well-ordered. It was really nice to read hers. I want to be able to write like that. To write like river, flowing… makes you feel like you are talking to her while you read her writing. I want to write something that represents me. So, whenever people read my writing, they feel like I’m talking to them. 

I used to write something meaningless. Like poems. But it was when i was younger. I don’t write that much these days. At least that kind of writing. I just write. Flowing, but boring. My writing became to chronological, like reports. That’s boring, even though my writing wasn’t that rhythmical I just felt they were better than my today writings.

Hmm… enough of that. The thing is, in my so-called holiday, I will try to write again. Hope it will improve my skill. Hihi…


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