My Fairytale

As usual, gw ga (belom) punya ide buat nulis apa di blog ini, while gw gatel juga pengen nulis melihat progress perkembangan blog teman-teman gw yang gak stuck kya gw. Hmm… jadi hanya seperti postingan sebelomnya, gw bakal nulis (nyalin) writting assesment (EF) gw. It’s a fairytale.. something about princess and castle and magic and blahblahblah… jadi, karakter-karakter dan setting dan teman-temannya dikasih sama si teacher, trus plotnya bikin sendiri deh. agak-agak nggak nyambung sih, cuma yah disambung-sambungin aja. Hmm.. here is the story. Enjoy!

My Fairytale  *actually it’s not the title, but i don’t have any title for this*

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a far far away kingdom with her father, Stupid King. The Stupid King was so stupid that he married to an evil witch after Beautiful’s mother, The Queen, had passed away. They lived in a tall tower which was guided by a dragon. Beautiful felt so lonely living in the Tower, the only friend she had was the Singing Rabbit. Evil Witch disliked Beautiful very much because Beautiful was so beautiful yet she was so ugly and stinky (the King must had been very stupid). Evil Witch would do anything to make Beautiful sad. She threw away the Singing Rabbit. Beautiful was very depressed. But this Evil Witch still hated her, Evil wanted to get rid of her. So, Evil cast an evil curse on Beautidul favourite food, Jengkol.

Stupid King, Evil Witch, and Beautiful Princess were having dinner together, Beautiful as usual ate the poisoned jengkol. in a few seconds, Beautiful turned into a fish and swan in her own soup. the King was shocked and sad, but Evil Witch was so happy. the King then released Beautiful to the ocean.

Under the sea was a scary place for Beautiful, it was so big yet she was so small. The further she dived, the more she found sea-lives, then she thought that sea creatures weren’t that bad, they were nice and lived together. But, after she dived a little bit further she found a lonely mermaid who was separated from her colony. She was curious, then she followed the mermaid. Mermaid was annoyed, then she asked Beautiful, why Beautiful kept following her. Then Beautiful said that she did that because Mermaid was alone and she wanted to her friend. So, Mermaid wasn’t annoyed any more.

Compared to the mermaid colony, Mermaid was indeed the ugliest, that was why the other mermaids didn’t want to be her friends. Beautiful and Mermaid dived and chat, they shared their stories. No one had ever really talked to Mermaid before, that made Mermaid so happy. Beautiful told Mermaid her sad story, why in the world she ended up in the ocean. Mermaid felt sorry for her. So, Mermaid wanted to help her.

Mermaid gave Beautiful three wishes. Beautiful made her wishes. Her first wish was that she wanted her lost friend the Singing Rabbit to be found. Her second wish was that she wanted to be human again, and the last wish was that she wanted Evil Witch to disappear. Mermaid made all of Beautiful’s wishes came true. Beautiful was very happy, and got home and lived happily ever after.

Under the sea, the generous mermaid was also paid for her kindness. It turned out that Mermaid had been curse a while after she was born but she didn’t know that. The curse made her became a very ugly mermaid, but the more she did good thing the prettier she would be. After she made Beautiful’s wishes came true, she suddenly became the most beautiful mermaid in all the ocean. She was then accepted by the mermaid colony and had so many friends. The lonely mermaid wasn’t lonely any more.


5 thoughts on “My Fairytale

  1. uuuuhh, kenapa sih fan. harus memposting tulisan EF lo lagi. hahaha.tapi fan..fairy tale lo ga ada pangeran ato knights seruu ahh

  2. Fan setelah gw baca” dan renungi, mungkin ikan tersebut adalah Flounders temennya Ariel kali ya.

    Hm. Hmm.

  3. @ iwawa : iya, wa… ga dikasih pangerannya… sedih deh.

    @ mole : hooo… iya kayaknya, le… wow keren gw, bercerita tentang asal mula Flounders.. hihi…

  4. I get what you mean…! Sial…
    Lagian gw sering juga kali berbuat baik… Nggak kaya elo…

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