Yup, it’s for Gundala Putra Petir (Gundala, the Son of Thunder)

very curious about this. A year ago I heard that the remake of Gundala Putra Petir will be launched around June 2009. It’s about two months away now and so far I haven’t heard any huge publication about it, such as teaser/trailer even posters. It’s an old Indonesian comic book story. It’s quiet a legend I guess. Our parents and uncles and aunts must know about Gundala.

This comic was made by a famous comic writer turned scriptwriter Harya Suryaminata. it was made in 1969-1982. there are total of 23 Gundala series. I can’t imagine how will the movie turn out but I hope it’s going to be pleasing and hmmm… it’s an action movie, I can’t expect too much. But for me, it’s a leap for Indonesian movies filmmaker to make such a movie like this. I haven’t got any information about this movie, who the director is, who the casts are, and I don’t even know what production house which produce this movie.

The movie was first lauched in 1981, 28 years ago. We haven’t even created yet. it was directed by Lilik Sudijo. The casts are: Teddy Purba as Sancaka the Gundala and W.D. Mochtar as Ghazul the villain. in the list there are three names that I am familiar with, they are August Melaz, Anna Tairaz and H.I.M Damsik. Wew…

For you who don’t know the story of Gundala, here is the synopsis:

Sancaka was a scientist and instructor who invented an anti-lightning struck serum, finally cracking the formula the night of his girlfriend’s birthday… which he forgot about in the midst of his work. She broke up with him, causing the heartbroken Sancaka to run off into the stormy night. He was struck by lightning, and elevated to “Lightning Land” where Kronz, the king of Lightning Land, adopted him as his commander and his son, renaming him Gundala, the son of lightning. Kronz subsequently commanded him to attack Cloud Land. After some adventures on Pangeran Mlaar’s Planet Covox , Gundala returned to Earth.

I saw the snapshots of the old movie and it’s so funny, it’s so… umm… what do we call it? Jadoel! Hahaha… take look at this clip:


6 thoughts on “Gundala

  1. haa! emang juni 2009?? gw udah sempet denger dari milis yg gw ikutin si fann,kalo mau ada remake ni film..tapi udah lama ampee gw ampir lupa..itu serius posternya gitu? hehe..kayaknya gundalanya ganteng..

  2. Eh kok keren ya. (posternya… yang bawah beda lagi) Boleh juga ni. Saingan ama Cicak Man negeri tetangga :D

  3. @ iwawa: iya, wa.. beritanya sih juni 2009… iya, wa. semoga aja gundalanya ganteng! hihi…

    @ leledumbo: cicakman?? excuse me… *kalo diliat olang malay bisa mati gw. hahaha…*

    1. lah fan, bukannya cicakman itu buatan malay ya? btw, keknya keren tuh gundala. nonton bareng yok~ semoga aja bisa ngelahin power ranger. :p

  4. @ agi: iya, cicakman buatan malay… udah ada cicakman2 malahan mereka… ckckc… gw juga penasaran banget sama gundala, semoga juni ini film-nya keluar beneran…

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