Akhirnya posting lagi…

Aduuhhh… udah lama banget nggak nge-blog. trus sekarang mau nge-post, tapi bingung mau nge-post apa! Huaaa…. Yaudah deh, gw ngepost tugas menulis alias writing asignment EF gw yang sudah direvisi sama my teacher. here we go:

Short Biography

This is a short biography of Kharis. First of all, Kharis is my EF classmate. he studies civil engineering at ITB. He originally came from Bogor, he went to the same highschool as Ai, my friend and also my EF classmate. In Bandung Kharis lives with his uncle and his cousins in Pasteur. And for another information, Kharis is my friend’s boyfriend. her name is Keke, she studies electrical engineering at ITB. Kharis and Keke went to the same highschool in Bogor.

Based on my interview on wednesday one week ago, Kharis has two younger brothers. He’s the eldest. He said, when they were kids, they used to fight a lot, maybe about four times in a week. But, since he went to highschool they hadn’t fought that much.

He has quiet similar interest to me. He likes to listen to music. But unlike me, he likes to listen to jazz. He likes it because he thinks jazz is cool. His favorite musicians are Jamie Cullum and Michael Bubble. 

He likes to watch movies, too. Like most boys, he likes to watch superheroes and animated movies. His favorite is The Incredible, an animated and also superheroes movie.

He also likes to watch dorama. Dorama is a name for japanese serial movie. For me, dorama is something girly, girls watch dorama. It’s rare to find a boy who likes to watch dorama. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and I don’t watch dorama that much. His favorite dorama is Nodame Cantabile. I have watched it, too. He likes it because he thinks it’s a funny dorama. The funny thing based on Kharis’ opinion is when Nodame, the main character, likes to shout at her boyfriend. His other favorite dorama is Doctor Koto. It’s about an urban doctor who travels to an island and repairs the system in the hospital. He said the dorama was inspiring.

The last thing, he likes to watch anime. Anime is a Japanese cartoon movie. I don’t like anime because I don’t understand. For me, anime is something absurd an wierd, maybe that’s why boys watch anime. His favorit anime is Code Giass. He told me the story of that anime, but it was so complicated. I didn’t understand. He said he likes it because it had a lot of ideas about things that can happen in life.

Wanna know the teacher’s comment? On my asignment he wrote: Excellent writing Fanny. Your use of reported speech was excellent, as was your use of structures and vocabulary. Well done.

Hohoho. That’s all.


4 thoughts on “Akhirnya posting lagi…

  1. yaelah pani udah lama nggak ngeblog malah ngepost writing assignment lagih! penting abis.

    ntar si kharis kegeeran..
    ntar keke salah paham..

  2. “For me, anime is something absurd an wierd,”

    are you sure that this writing assignment have been revised by yout teacher???
    then your teacher must be miss this one:
    ‘an weird’??????
    ‘and’ kalikk fan????????

    lo sih ngina ngina anime..salah deh nulisnya! makanya jangan ngina ngina.

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