my handphone

i hate losing something private to me. like my wallet which contains my identity cards (and money of course) and handphones. i’ve lost a wallet once and i also lost my KTP, KTM and ATM *thankfully that day i was broke, so i only got 3,000IDR in it*. so annoying. and my handphone: i never lost my handphone before few days ago. and now i lost it!! i hate it so much. although it’s a CDMA handphone it’s still annoying for meeeeee! i want my handphone back. dammit!


6 thoughts on “my handphone

  1. turut berduka cita juga fan..
    selalu ada hikmah di balik semua yang terencana.. :)
    sok bijak nih gw.. haahaha

  2. faaaaaaaaaaaaaan….
    seriussann deh..
    if u wanna use ur old ones..
    u have to tell me!
    i am ok kok!!!
    :) bantuin cari di kamar lo yaa…

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