Love Letter from Einstein

Pernah kebayang nggak ilmuan jenius seperti Albert Einstein bikin surat cinta?

“Beloved Sweetheart!

Many, many thanks sweetheart for your charming little letter, which made me endlessly happy. It was so wonderful to be able to press to one’s heart such a bit of paper which two so dear little eyes have lovingly beheld an on the dainty little hands have charmingly glided back and forth. I was now made to realize, my little angel, the meaning If homesickness and pining. but love brings much happiness – much more so than pining brings pain…

My mother has also taken you to her heart, even though she doesn’t know you; I only let her read two of your charming little letters. And she always laughs at me because I am no longer attracted to the girls who were supposed to have enchanted me so much in the past. You mean more to my soul than the whole world did before.”

Albert Einstein wrote to Marie Winteler, his first girlfriend, his first known love letter in April 1896.


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