What has been happening to me these days???

I forget things. Many things! Why? Am I having alzheimer or something? Sound scary to me.

I don’t know. These days, I left my things so frequent. Starting from my lovely blue sweater, then my sismik book, then my dtb book plus my binder paper which contains my bloody sismik homework *eventhough I just copied it from my friend, I didn’t really work on it, but still…*

I mean, I got things to do, I got exam to get through (tomorrow!!), I need my time! I don’t understand those bloody sismik homework (yet), I need to study about that a little bit more but not f*****g now!

It’s me being a very stupid, reckless, senile person in a whole universe!


I guess I’m cursed. I need help. I need to fix my memory problem. Soon.



4 thoughts on “Memori

  1. Haha, Fan, banyak pikiran kali lu.
    Udah, hidup dinikmati aja.
    Eh, gw udah post lagi tuh, sesuai request lu. ^^

  2. Be patient my girl…
    It also happened to me….
    I forgot my kartu praktikum and made my nilai praktikum is not maximal, but i was fortunate b’coz i got 82. What a kind assistant…
    And today i forgot something that made me must return to my kost and took it…
    I thought it’s because UTS that we must take, get throught….
    so just relax yourself and don’t be stressed about that…
    Calm down….

  3. makanya pann.
    jangan kebanyakan mikirin gw lah.
    jadi lupa semuanya deh.
    *fannnnnn. lo masih sibuk uts ya? gw jg sihh.. tp need u asap nih. hue.

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